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Life as Sport


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Jonathan Fader

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Why do sports captivate people? They allow us to watch human beings achieve peak performance, but, beyond physical strength and skill, what's really impressive is an athlete's mental prowess -- their will to succeed, engagement with their environment, and self-confidence. In Life as Sport, sport psychologist Dr. Jonathan Fader shares the skills that he teaches professional athletes--to enhance motivation, set productive goals, sharpen routines, manage stress, and clarify thought processes--and applies them to real-world situations. Dr. Fader's book is the product of thousands of hours of conversations with athletes from various teams and sports: power forwards, tennis phenoms, power-hitting outfielders, and battle-scarred linebackers, as well as hedge-fund managers, entrepreneurs, A-list actors, and dozens of other elite achievers in sports, business, and performing arts. It offers a compendium of stories, theories, and techniques that have been helpful to players, coaches, and executives in professional sports. What emerges is more than just a set of techniques, but a life philosophy that anyone can live by: an internal code to help translate our talent and drive toward the highest plateaus of performance. Dr. Fader designs his strategies to be studied, learned, practiced, and improved. He offers his readers the same exercises that he uses in every session with a professional athlete. These exercises help you to get truly engaged, whether you are designing a new business plan, working to inspire a team or individual, or even falling in love. This is what it means to truly live life as sport--to approach it with the same immediacy, wonder, and engagement that athletes feel at their peak during a game. Life as Sport helps you to pursue your own goals with an enriched intensity -- not only because it creates new potential, but also because it helps you unlock what was always there to begin with.

We often use sports as a metaphor for life. net/login/ of https://webmail. Benefits of sport for children Some of the many benefits of sport participation for children. The Great Gatsby Book Review New York Times. by D Gould 2008 Cited by 948 This review is designed to summarize and critique current life skills through sport research. Details Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Er zijn meerdere opties waaruit u kunt kiezen. Sport and Exercise Medicine SEM is an exciting accredited specialty through the Australasian College of Sports Physicians that involves Treatment of musculoskeletal injuries in active people whether they be elite or recreational athletes.

As Sport

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