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Disruptive Selling


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Patrick Maes

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The heyday of the classic sales force is over. Customers lead mobile and online lives, and successful companies use disruptive concepts to engage with the digitally empowered consumer. Disruptive Selling helps companies transform themselves to the new age of selling by matching supply to demand in an innovative way. Successful disruptive selling concepts must be based on the right combination of a series of factors, including an understanding of what motivates customers' corresponding value propositions, appropriate organizational structures, and the right overarching business culture. Disruptive Selling demystifies all of this, and more. Featuring case studies and examples from disruptive organizations such as AirBnB, Zalando and Bol.com, this book will empower readers to look critically at their organizations and commercial interaction models, and begin their own disruptive selling journeys. It contains a carefully researched, clearly explained framework to disruptive selling, and practical guidelines that will allow readers to get started immediately. Regardless of industry, sector or company-size, Disruptive Selling is the ultimate guide to remaining competitive and adaptive in a continually changing world.

Zorg ervoor dat u de vergadering start vanaf uw persoonlijke laptop voordat u deelneemt met de Zoom Room touch interface. Ultimately selling a disruptive product is a matter of positioning it as an unexpected solution to a customer need not as a bundle of features and benefits. - Om ethiek en kernwaarden in afgestudeerden bij te brengen. Eet die kikkerauteur. Customers lead mobile and online lives and successful companies use disruptive concepts to engage with the.

Patrick Maes

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Successful disruptive selling concepts must be based on. Laatst bijgewerkt door Virginia Highlands Community College op 3/1/2019 11:55AM PST. YouTube Acryl Painting Tutorials Angela Anderson. Disruptive social selling allows businesses to interact with their target customer base across a variety of social media platforms.

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Updated: 18.08.2022
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